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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito


Defense Distributed welcomes Congress back from vacation.

We cannot depend on the State to change the State. Fortunately the market does a wonderful job at confronting the monstrous creations of the State when allowed to flourish. Is central banking a bad idea? Yes, and we’ve had one for 100 years with little to no luck in stopping it, until the market introduced BitCoin. Are patents a bad idea? Yes, and we’ve had them since the inception of our country, and now 3D printing is taking it head on. Entrepreneurship will always trump political gamesmanship.

Living by the Non Aggression Principle

Sometimes it is a lot harder than it should be. Most of the time those “sometimes” involve dealing with the people you are closest too. What is more odd? That I have never felt the need to lash out at a waiter giving poor service or that I quite frequently have the urge to lash out against someone I spend everyday with.

Once you accept the NAP as a moral absolute, you should look into the areas where it is more difficult to follow the NAP as areas that you should change. It is easy for us to make the case for the NAP. It might be even easier to point out that most people never get illogically enraged at strangers. But, we should strive for the next step, which is much harder to obtain. Reflect on those situations in which you feel closest to violating the NAP. Once you can control that, then you will be fully practicing Libertarianism.